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Wilson (from Singapore, a trainee in a game software company) 04/2004
Sensei (=Luna) is very active in giving interesting examples and life experiences. She makes the lesson very interesting and motivated, always give me extra notes and exercises to let me have a deeper understanding of that certain topic on subject. Sensei has a very strong knowledge about Japan's custom and very up-to-date about things going on in Japan. If I were to choose a Japanese Language Teacher again, Ichikawa sensei is definitely my first choice.

Kendrick (from Singapore, a trainee in a game software company) 03/2005
Learning Japanese language is not just a direct translation of English words and phrases into Japanese.
Under Ichikawa sensei (=Luna) , I was able to grasp a good foundation of the language structure and culture easily, with her simple-to-understand teachings.

Karl (from Singapore, a trainee in a game software company) 03/2005
Ichikawa-sensei (=Luna) explains stuffs in easy to understand analogies. There are several topics in the Japanese language that I find hard to grasp, until she explained it to me. She also has a vast knowledge of literatures and other topics in general. Not only I learned the Japanese language, but also other things regarding the Japanese cultures and arts. As said "It is not enough to study a language without also learning its cultures and arts". If there are chances in the future, I will definitely ask her to teach me again.

Andrew (from Northern Ireland, UK, Oxford Univ, ALT of JET programme) 08/2005
レッ スンは高くないし、Lunaはまじめでよくじゅんびするし、国語が得意です。おかげで、レッスンはとてもいいと思います。それに加えて、何でも、どんな方 法でも勉強できる。いろいろな練習や宿題があっていいと思います。その人のまじめさや集中力によって、練習と宿題をするとともに、ぜったいに日本語の能力 は高くなるに違いない。毎週の作文は特に面白かった。意見やら文句を書く機会は私にとって一番楽しかったことです。自由会話も面白かった。

James (from USA, ALT→English teacher of ALC) 12/2006

I have been studying with Ichikawa-sensei (=Luna) for just over 2 years now and have made terrific progress with my Japanese ability. She is an interesting person with extensive knowledge of and interest in a number of subjects. Although we meet only once a week, she always makes sure that I have plenty of supplementary worksheets to keep me busy until the next lesson, even going to far as to create quizzes from scratch for use in class and for homework. In these 2 years we have studied polite Japanese, casual Japanese, kanji, and preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (Levels 2 and 1). In addition, she has also given me advice about writing in Japanese countless times. She is an extremely serious, trustworthy, experienced, and professional teacher.

市川先生(=るうな)と 勉強し始めて2年以上が経っていて日本語がすごく上達出来ました。先生は、面白い方で、数多くの課題について沢山興味を持ち、沢山ご存知であります。週一 回しかレッスンをしていませんのに、先生はいつも宿題と役に立つ教材をいっぱいくださいます。宿題などレッスン中のためのクイズを一から作ることまでもし てくださって、とてもありがたいです。ここ2年間で、敬語、くだけた表現、漢字、日本語能力試験(2級、1級)の予習などを勉強してきました。その上、先 生は日本語の文章についてアドバイスを無数にくださいました。とてもまじめで、信頼できる、経験のある、プロの教師だと思います。

Jeff (from Canada, game software company) 05/2007
Next month, I'll have been in Japan for one year; studying with Ichikawa-sensei (=Luna) once a week, every week. And every week, Ichikawa-sensei conducts the class in a very fun, but professional atmosphere. Not just teaching from the textbook, Ichikawa-sensei often brings useful supplemental material, as well as teaching from her own experience. The grammar, vocabulary, and kanji we study are immediately useful in everyday life. After each class, I am able to understand and use more Japanese than I could the previous week. In short, I would not hesitate to recommend Ichikawa-sensei if you are in the market for a world class Japanese teacher!

来月日本に来てから一年間になりますが、ずっと一週間に一回市川先生(=るうな)と一緒に勉強してきました。毎週市川先生は楽しくてプロフェッショナルな 授業を行います。教科書から教えるばかりじゃなくて市川先生はよく補足の教材を持って来て体験から教えてくれます。勉強する文法と単語と漢字は生活にとて も役に立ちます。毎授業後には先週より日本語をわかって使えます。つまり屈指の先生を探したら、私は市川先生をお勧めする事を躊躇(ちゅうちょ)しませ ん。

Bart (from Poland, game software company) 05/2007
When learning a foreign language, you may be using correct grammar and vocabulary, but you may still sound odd and unnatural. Ichikawa sensei (=Luna) would always point that out and suggest proper, natural language expressions and words to make sure the students are learning real language as it is used by the Japanese in everyday life. With a simple teaching method and focus on practical language, after a lesson with Ichikawa-sensei you are immediately ready to put newly learned expressions into use when talking to your Japanese friends and coworkers. With extensive teaching experience, English fluency, vast array of interests and strong professional ethics, Ichikawa sensei is one of the best language teachers I have ever
had pleasure to learn from.

この一年間たくさん日本語のことを習いました。日本へ来る前に全然日本語で話していなくて少し文法を勉強しただけでした。日本でたくさん友達が出来て、 ずっと日本語で喋って、よかったです。何より、日本語の授業でいろいろな単語を習って、先生(=るうな)は本当に便利な話し言葉を私たちに教えてくれまし た。さらに、たくさん漢字の読み方と書き方を勉強しました。漢字はすごく大切ですから今年も新しい漢字を習いたいです。たくさん漢字が分かったら、言葉が 覚えやすくなって、語彙(ごい)が大きくなると思います。もちろん、日本語を話す練習もしたいです。

Emi (from Taiwan, House wife) 04/2008 Skype Web lesson


Armin (Deutschland, Angestellter bei einem japanischen Handelsunternehmen 日系商社の会社員) 07/2008 Skype Web lesson from Osaka

I nehme seit etwa einem Jahr Einzelunterricht bei Luna-Sensei ueber Web-Kamera (Skype). Ich habe Erfahrung mit sehr vielen Schulen / Privatlehrern und verschiedenen Unterrichtsmethoden in Deutschland und in Japan. Ich bin sehr kritisch und es war sehr schwierig einen Lehrer zu finden, der meinen Anforderungen genuegt. Einen Lehrer, der sein Handwerk versteht, der aktiv unterrichtet, die Unterrichtszeit effektiv nutzt, Schwachpunkte erkennt und sich selbst mit dem Thema ,,Erlernen einer Fremdsprache" auseinandersetzt. Luna-Sensei erfuellt diese Punkte. Ihr Wissen ueber die japanische Sprache geht weit ueber Alltagsjapanisch hinaus. Man merkt sehr schnell, dass sie sich mit den Lernmethoden einer Fremdsprache auseinandersetzt und ihr eigenen Erkenntisse in den Unterricht einbaut. Der Unterricht ist stukturiert, zielgerichtet und setzt genau dort an, wo die Schwachpunkte des Lernenden liegen. Sie ist geduldig, erklaert, wiederholt und fraegt- ein Profi eben.

私は、今までドイツでも日本でもいろいろな学校やプライベートのレッスンを受けてきた経験があります。ですから私の教師を見る目は厳しく、私の要求に応え てくれる先生を見つけるのはとても難しいことでした。プロフェッショナルな技術と能力があり、積極的にレッスンの工夫をし、授業の時間を効果的に使うこ と、生徒の弱点が見つけられること、そして教師自身が外国語学習した経験があり、関心を持ち続けていること、るうな先生はそれらの条件を満たしています。 先生の日本語に関する知識・能力は、一般の日本人の日常会話のレベルをはるかに超えています。また、先生が外国語の勉強の方法について、いつも考えてくれ ていることは明らかで、それをレッスンに取り入れてくれます。レッスンは体系的(たいけいてき)で、目標設定(もくひょうせってい)がはっきりしていま す。忍耐強(にんたいづよ)く、繰り返し丁寧(ていねい)に説明してくれるところは、さすがプロの日本語教師です。

Ivan (from Russia, game software company) 03/2009
It's been a little more than one year since I started studying Japanese with Ichikawa-sensei (=Luna) . Having a 90 minute lesson just once a week, we managed to cover all basic level grammar, kanji and vocabulary required for JLPT level 3 (which I passed in December 2008). Every week I had a homework that took about 3-4 hours to complete: flashcards to memorize vocabulary (1 hr), workbook exercises to practice using new grammar (1 hr), reading or writing a composition (1.5 hrs), plus the time to learn, write and review kanji. In total, it was 200-250 hours of study. Most of the time we've been using one very good book. But often Ichikawa-sensei brings to the lesson other textbooks and grammar reference books just to clear out some hard-to-understand or weakly-explained things. Many students find learning vocabulary especially difficult, because beginners have to memorize literally thousands of new words and kanji. This is where the web-based flashcards were very useful. You just cannot cheat with it in the way you may sometimes do with books. Also, it's easy to go back and check if you still remember the words or kanji you learned a long time ago. It's just a few mouse clicks away.
(Ivan-san passed JLPT3(N4) in 12/'08, and then JLPT2(N2) in 07/'09)

Edwin (from London, UK, graphic designer) 05/2009 Skype Web lesson from London

I have been studying for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, level 2, with Luna for over a year. Before finding Luna I studied Japanese at several local courses but studying online with Luna via Skype has been the best experience of them all.

I get one to one tuition with a tutor in the Tokyo area and I can arrange the lesson time to fit around work. She knows the answer to almost every question I throw at her, can easily converse in English if necessary, and clearly explains grammar that I don't even understand in my own language :)

I felt awkward at first but quickly got used to Skype and now I look forward to our lessons each week. She's very professional and always pitches the lesson difficulty just right, explaining in Japanese first where possible. She develops a course for you, makes online flash cards for you to practice with and helps you choose course material. Lessons feel like you're chatting with a friend, every few weeks you become conscious that your reading, listening and grammar skills have all just improved and its all extremely rewarding.

Carys (from UK, JET Programme ALT) 07/2009
I came to Japan to teach English in 2007 with no Japanese ability. Needless to say life was very difficult as even simple tasks seemed impossible without basic Japanese. Two years later and I feel I have acquired basic Japanese skills which makes life far easier and more enjoyable.

Ichikawa sensei (=Luna) has been an excellent teacher and works hard to find interesting material suited to individual taste. I would highly recommend her classes as she is able to explain difficult grammar in English while guiding you to speak more easily in Japanese.

I hope to continue my Japanese studies with Ichikawa Sensei even after returning to Britain through the use of Skype.

Ichikawa sensei-thank you for 2 years of lessons!

Scott (from UK, English teacher) 04/2010 Skype Web lesson

I have been Ichikawa(=Luna)`s student for just over a year now. In that time my Japanese has dramatically increased both in terms my own confidence and in terms of measurable abilities such as reading, writing and listening comprehension. I am highly satisfied with my lessons so far and with the path that my Japanese studies have taken. As both a language student and an experienced language teacher, I am fully aware that a good language teacher must be able to tailor to each student`s individual  learning needs and preferences, while also being direct and honest with that student about their capabilities and limitations. Ichikawa is a teacher that understands student needs and is able to boost linguistic confidence, in an honest and trustworthy fashion. I am very happy to recommend anyone interested in learning Japanese to Ichikawa and am also glad to know that I have such a dedicated and talented colleague within the language teaching field.

市川先生(=るうな)に教えてもらうようになって一年が経(た)ちます。この一年で私の日本語は劇的(げきてき)に上達 (じょうたつ)しました。自信も随分(ずいぶん) つきましたし、読み・書き・リスニング力も目に見えて上達しました。先生の授業(じゅぎょう)の進(すす)め方にとても満足(まんぞく)しています。私自 身も英語の先生をしているので、よい 先生は、各々(おのおの)の生徒のニーズや好みに合わせて授業をカスタムしなければならず、また一方で生徒の能力(のうりょく)や限界(げんかい)につい て率直(そっちょく)かつ正直(しょうじき)でなければならないという ことをよく知っています。市川先生は率直かつ信頼(しんらい)できるやり方で生徒のニーズを理解(りかい)してくれ、自信をつけてくれます。日本語を学 (まな)ぼうという人には、ぜひ市 川先生を推薦(すいせん)します。同じ教師として、市川先生のような献身的(けんしんてき)で才能(さいのう)ある同僚(どうりょう)と知り合うことがで き、本当に良かったと思っています。

Having studied Japanese in both the traditional one to one way and via skype I can honestly say that skype is just as good as being there in person. Rather, I should say skype is EXACTLY LIKE being there in person and anyone thinking of studying in this fashion should have no concerns that a skype lesson lacks the authenticity of a man to man set up. There are several skype advantages that I as a skype student currently enjoy, such as avoiding all travel related hastle, being able to study in the comfort of my own room and not having to waste ages writing down notes during the lesson. It is a lot easier and more reliable to simply cut and paste notes than to rely on my own hasty handwriting.
In this day and age it is totally logical for a motivated adult learner to make the most of the technology that is available at our fingertips. Skype lessons, combined with regular use of WordChamp flashcards and a touch of determination can prove highly beneficial for meeting the needs of any learner of Japanese. I have no hesitation in recommending this methond of learning.

Ensou (from China, Chinese teacher) 06/2010 Skype Web lesson

Marco (from Italy, poet) 08/2010 Skype Web lesson from Parelmo
I started to study the japanese language twice and I quit every time. About two years ago I changed my mind and I decided to study more and more until I wasn't satisfied with my profit. Japanese is a difficult language, and if you're reading this your know it already. I used every kind of material I found from books to software. I successfully finished some famous language course, but I wasn't able to read the japanese language because of my bad grammar. I found on the web many japanese teachers who offer a free lesson, but Ichikawa was the only one to be honest about my japanese abilities. She adviced me to study together Genki, a book I've already studied. Sometimes you think to have solved correctly the exercies, but the truth is that you need someone to check your mistakes and your progress. Moreover, I was a bit reluctantly to use her flashcards because I got mine, but I-m improving more and more using her grammar flashcards because they allow me to review what we have done during the lessons. It's alike to have your teacher offline! If you 're searching for a teacher who can help you to improve at japanese language, whatever is your level, and who can allow you to study at your pace, Ichikawa is the teacher for you!

Ho provato a studiare il giapponese due volte, abbandonando ogni volta. Due anni addietro circa mi sono messo d'impegno, prefiggendomi di studiare sempre più fino a quando non fossi stato soddisfatto dei miei miglioramenti. Il giapponese è una lingua difficile, e se state leggendo questo, lo sapete già. Ho usato ogni tipo di risorsa possibile dai libri ai software. Ho concluso con successo alcuni famosi corsi di lingua, ma non ero ancora in grado di leggere il giapponese a causa della mia cattiva grammatica. Su internet ho trovato molti insegnanti di giapponese pronti a offrire una lezione di prova; Ichikawa è stata l'unica a essere sincera sulle mie attuali capacità linguistiche. Mi ha consigliato di studiare insieme Genki, un testo che avevo studiato. A volte siete convinti di avere risolto correttamente gli esercizi, ma la verità è che avete bisogno di qualcuno che controlli i vostri errori e i vostri progressi. Inoltre, ero un po' riluttante a usare le sue flashcard dal momento che avevo le mie, ma sto migliorando sempre più da quando uso le sue flashcard grammaticali perché posso ripassare ciò che ho fatto durante la lezione. E' come se avessi la tua insegnante offline! Se state cercando un'insegnante che vi possa aiutare a migliorare il vostro giapponese, qualunque sia il vostro livello, e che vi permetta di studiare al vostro ritmo, Ichikawa è l'insegnante che fa per voi!

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