Learn Japanese privately with qualified and experienced tutor. Lessons are available in Tokyo, Saitama and online using webcam.

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Learn Japanese with your private tutor Luna!
in Japanese→

Do you think that language is an invisible door to culture, to the mind of a country?
Do you also think that your life in Japan will be more enjoyable and comfortable as your Japanese improves? Have you found Japanese difficult to master in the past? Have you always been meaning to learn the language but always been too busy to do so?

I have always been interested in learning languages and like so many of you have experienced the difficulties of learning a second language. Through my experience of studying foreign languages both at schools and in private lessons, I have found that private lessons with a professional tutor are the most rapid and effective way to improve your foreign language skills. I provide high quality lessons from a qualified and experienced tutor at affordable prices.

Why not learn from somebody who knows what its like to learn a second language?
See below for more details and student testimonials here→

 You can select the contents and materials that suit your needs!

Motives for and interest in learning Japanese differ from one person to another.

Do any of the following sound like you?

I need to master basic Japanese ASAP!  I want to practice Japanese needed in business scene!  I want to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)!  I want to correct my grammatical mistakes!  I want to read Manga in Japanese!  I should brush up my Japanese pronunciation!

Let me know such specific needs. Beginner to advanced courses can be structured around your particular interest and needs.
You can choose any textbook or material (newspapers, magazines, novels, mangas) that you like for our class.
Let's sit down and design a course to suit your specific needs.

 You can learn at your own level and pace.

I will understand your individual Japanese level, strong points, and weak points. Each student has his/her learning style. For example, some people like to check unknown words and analyze grammar points, and some people like to read and talk much.
I will watch to balance your strong points and weak points and search for the most effective learning methods and pace for you.

You can ask me questions any time; during lessons or via BBS & email.
You can have a say in materials and how to do our lessons.

Tutor will be your personal pacemaker so that you can progress steadily, which may be difficult to continue by yourself.

I basically recommend 1 on 1 lessons, but can also offer group lessons of 2 or 3 students as long as you are all at the same Japanese level.

 I am a qualified and experienced professional.

Could Japanese people around you correct your Japanese and give you clear explanations?

I am a native Japanese female who is qualified→to teach to those studying Japanese as a second language. I majored at University in English and Linguistics (B.A.) and have 11 years' experience teaching Japanese to second language learners.
I've taught many businessmen, assistant language teachers (ALT of JET programme), company trainees and more.

 I can speak English and have studied French, Chinese, Italian.

I can explain Japanese grammar in English to elementary students. I can teach only in Japanese of course, the so-called "direct method", if you'd like. However, I think it might be inefficient to understand Japanese only in Japanese for elementary level students.

When you don't know how to say something in Japanese, I can translate your English to Japanese. So you can learn Japanese expressions which you really want to say at that time. Gradually I will lead you to communicate only in Japanese in lessons.

As I also have learned French, Chinese, Italian and have knowledge of their words and grammar, I can explain the difference between Japanese and those languages for their native tongue.

For my academic background and business experience, see my profile here→

 Lesson fees are reasonable.

Tens and hundreds of hours are needed to improve foreign language skills. No matter how experienced a teacher you are taught by, you can't dramatically improve your Japanese in an hour lesson.

As a freelance tutor, I receive lesson fees directly from my students. So I set my lesson fee at reasonable rate which I think I myself could pay to a language tutor.

In addition, my cancellation policy is very flexible for the convenience of those who sometimes have to cancel lessons because of their work.

All these are because I hope you to take as many as lessons possible. I will always make efforts for each of you to continue your lessons.

For more concrete information about fees, see Lesson fees here→

 Lesson time and place is flexible.

Time: 10:00am-9:00pm Monday to Sunday.
Anywhere near the stations of Utsunomiya-line and Saikyo-line trains (Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Ueno, Akebane, Urawa, Omiya, Higashi-Omiya.)

Transportation cost is required depending on the lesson place.

Place: At a place that is convenient for you; your favorite coffee shop, a free sitting area.

 Online Web Lessons is available at your home all around the world!

Would you like to take lessons at your home? Then you can choose Online Web Lesson (Video/Voice Chat by Skype or iChat).

It's very suitable for those who are very busy and have difficulty fixing lesson days, who live outside of Tokyo and Japan, and who want to save lesson fees.
I offer Online Web Lessons between 9:00am-0:00am(Japan Time) on Monday to Sunday, by 2000yen/hour.

All you need is PC and Broadband environment. 

Do you feel uneasy about having lessons through internet? Here is a testimonial about online lessons from my student.
"Having studied Japanese in both the traditional one to one way and via skype I can honestly say that skype is just as good as being there in person. Rather, I should say skype is EXACTLY LIKE being there in person and anyone thinking of studying in this fashion should have no concerns that a skype lesson lacks the authenticity of a man to man set up. There are several skype advantages that I as a skype student currently enjoy, such as avoiding all travel related hastle, being able to study in the comfort of my own room and not having to waste ages writing down notes during the lesson. It is a lot easier and more reliable to simply cut and paste notes than to rely on my own hasty handwriting.
In this day and age it is totally logical for a motivated adult learner to make the most of the technology that is available at our fingertips. Skype lessons, combined with regular use of WordChamp flashcards and a touch of determination can prove highly beneficial for meeting the needs of any learner of Japanese. I have no hesitation in recommending this methond of learning."

For more information about Online web Lesson, see Online Web Lesson here→

   I offer a lot of useful materials for you to use outside the lessons.

I'm offering online flashcards for my students to use before and after lessons. My students can access these flashcards (supported by WordChamp) for their self-study and review free of charge.

I also offer writing courses using the forum page and e-mail correspondence.

I introduce you various textbooks reccomendable for Jpananese learners .

For more information about Online flashcards/writing classes, see Online Classes here→
For more information about textbooks, see Materials here→

Consultation and trial lesson is free!
Please feel free to ask any questions.
Contact me now!
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